How to Eat Healthy at a Hotel Breakfast Buffet

Hello all!

Happy Easter! It’s such a lovely day, yes? The weather in my area has been incredibly bipolar lately. One week it’ll be 80 degrees, and then it’ll slide down to the 40s the next week. It’s terrible — I never know what to wear!

Luckily the weather was beautiful today. I just came back from a walk, actually. I could’ve stayed outside all day! Glorious.

I’ve been on vacation these past couple of days, and haven’t eaten my healthiest. I try to stick to my program even when I travel, but sometimes you just need to treat yourself. I’ve learned the hard way that cutting out or eliminating certain foods entirely does not do good things for a diet. It’s okay to eat those “bad” foods every once in a while!

But, as I was scoping out the complimentary breakfast at a hotel one morning, I thought I should write a post on this! With all the seemingly “healthy” foods offered at hotel breakfast buffets, it can sometimes be hard to tell what’s good and what’s bad. Fear not! I have many tips :)

1. Stake Out the Protein

If you’re on vacation, chances are you’re not going to eat that well. Thus, it’s important to get the nutrients and protein you need in the morning so that you’re not lagging the rest of the day! Most hotel buffets will have scrambled eggs or small ham steaks. A small scoop of eggs or a small ham steak is great; try to avoid sausage and bacon.

Additionally, you could grab some peanut butter (most hotels have small packets) or some skim milk.

2. Stay Away from Scary Carbs

Breakfast buffets usually have a nice shiny glass case full of muffins, croissants, bagels and other tasty treats. As tempting as they may be, avoid them at all costs! (Yes, that means the giant belgian waffles too). The empty calories will provide nothing but sugar and won’t fill you up at all!

Sometimes hotels will have whole wheat bread or whole wheat english muffins. If you see those, it’s okay to have one with some peanut butter or a small smearing of jam. Just stay away from the white bread.

3. Find the Fruit

Look for fresh fruit to get in your healthy sugar and vitamins for the day. Melon is a popular item at hotels, but it’s one of the highest sugar fruits with not a whole lot of fiber, so look for apples or grapes. Bananas are okay, too.

4. To Cereal or Not

I typically try too stay away from cereal — most of it is just processed sugar and carbohydrates dried to crunchy pellets. And most of the cereals in hotels are fruit loops, apple jacks and other sugar-loaded brands. If you must, pick a low-sugar, high-fiber variety, like frosted mini wheats or grape nuts. Add some skim milk and fruit.

Even better than whole grain cereal is oatmeal, which his usually available. This is less sugar-loaded and more fiber-filled.

5. Drinks

Juices are generally not the best choices for a diet (or any kind of healthy lifestyle). Though some are great for cleansing and providing nutrients, juice is just sugar from fruit, without all the fiber and food-filling effect. So, stay away from orange juice and apple juice (varieties at hotels oftentimes have added sugars anyway!). Grab a glass of skim milk or water. Coffee and tea are also okay.

I hope this helps for the next time you’re out of town! Once again, Happy Easter!


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